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      Dog Health

      How to exercise dogs indoors when it's too hot outside?

      How to exercise dogs indoors when it's too hot outside?

      Taking a stroll with our adorable pet brightens the mood. However, due to current climatic circumstances, pets cannot cope with harsh temperatures, such as the blazing heat of summer. Although it is a basic necessity for the general well-being of people's beloved pets to exercise and take them out regularly, it is difficult for dogs to spend a day outside in such scorching heat.

      At PoochMate, the website offers products according to a dog's needs. We focus on design, convenient usage, and comfort while creating small-batch items. Not just that, our items are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

      We design sustainable pet accessories to provide them with value and care, just like us. Following are some ways to care for a dog and its well-being when it is not affordable to remain outdoors. Given below are a few ways of physical training and some mental stimulation games:


      Hide & Seek Game

      Allow your dog to be distracted by a treat, a human, or a ball. Then go into a closet or behind a large piece of furniture and hide. If your dog does not come running, call its name again. Make a big deal out of it when it finds you and offer a prize. This way, it creates excellent engagement, and it is also a fun way to exercise your pet.


      Fetching The Ball

      Though the game of fetching is convenient outside, it is also interesting indoors. Take a ball or some other object that interests your dog so much. Use the stairs and bounce the ball down so that they go and grab it again. This is an exciting way to ensure exercising in summer.


      Shuffling The Toys

      Keep away certain toys for some time and again present them when they forget about them for a few days. They'll be able to tire themselves merely by hopping about with their long, misplaced toy. For a good collection of toys, sign in to PoochMate and choose the best from the pets store.


      Obstacle Race

      An obstacle course can be used to train your dog in various ways. You may make jumps for your dog to jump over or limbo bars for him to go beneath by placing tape across a doorway.


      Grapple And Tug

      Dogs love a teasing fight with their owners by playing tug. They hold on to their favourite toy and engage with us until we give up. This keeps them busy for some time, and not just that rolling about on the floor with their favourite human is one of their favourite sports.


      Sensing Game

      Training your dog to sense the smell and find out things is an exciting task. They actively sniff out and complete the mission when we ask them to find something inside the house. Using their nose can be an excellent dog exercise tip. This is the best among the mental stimulation games and enhances a dog's focus on little things.


      These are some exercise tips for hot weather to be initiated for a dog. Being a creative owner is the secret to a happy and tiring dog! Being inside a house lacks space, yet the doors for creativity are open for all dog lovers.

      Get to know PoochMate, a website dealing with pet care products that aim to provide pets with a sustainable life. Hence, these are ultimately the best steps for exercising a dog in this hot weather indoors safely.