Insta Cool Doggos

Insta Cool Doggos

Want to get to know some of the most Instagram cool doggos ?

We’ve been active on Instagram for a while and love following the daily antics of these super cute doggos! While many of them have a whole list of followers across the globe, these ones are our personal favourites.

Go follow them for your daily dose of cuteness :

1. Brad & Pitt 

Brothers from different mothers – Brad and Pitt live with their pawrents in Kolkata, India and are the cutest Labradors you’ll find on Instagram! What special about them?

Brad is the naughty gobbler while Pitt is the true gentleman till they both lay their eyes on the same toy. Follow their page to get your daily dose of cuteness here :

2. Tom and Jerry

How can our list NOT have goldies? Golden Retrievers are THE most adorable doggos ever and brothers Tom & Jerry are no exception. They live in Bangalore with their pawrents and such expressive characters!

Follow their daily stories here :

3. Malibu

Malibu is a complete sweetheart who loves spending time with his human sister. We feel he could be such as therapy dog coz his photos are enough to comfort us!

A naughty doggo who is also a complete stress buster, follow Malibu’s account to get your daily dose of love !

4. Maggi

Maggi is hands down the prettiest Lhasa girl we know on Insta. Her stories are awwdorable and her mommy takes pains to video record her mischief in the doggie parks .. well almost everyday. Maggi is famous for her hair swirls and we’re bowled over by her twinkling eyes.

Follow her daily dose of naughtiness here :

5. Batuk Nath Rai The name !!! Batuk is a mischievous, adorable Beagle who lives with his parents and younger sibling Pablo in Mumbai.

We love how he cuddles up between his parents for his nap time, and well almost accompanies them everywhere ! Batuk recently got his baby brother home and it is heart warming to see a naughty pupper turn into a mature elder brother overnight!

Follow Batuk’s stories here :

6. Astral Astral is a lovely Indian Pariah dog who was adopted by his loving pawrents in Delhi, India. His notorious antics and heart melting ways of showing his love to his humans has him on our favourites list!

Astral is regularly seen accompanying his parents on vacations, shopping and even work! How cool is that!

7. Lao Sinha Lao is an adorable Shih tzu who daily stories are all about his famous stares at his mommy …. Now whether it is for food, toys or something mommy is munching, how does it matter?

Those large round eyes and gleaming stares are enough!

Follow Lao’s life here :

8. Phoebe and Joey

Beagle brothers Phoebe and Joey rule the house. Wait, is that even an option with two of them together? Phoebe is an adorable follower of Joey and it’s a delight to watch them do mischief together !

That they are mommy’s favourites is no surprise, daddy gets his share of licks too! Follow Phoebe and Joey here :

9. Oreo

Oreo is an adorably cute Shih Tzu puppy, who lives with his family in Delhi. We’ve a special corner for him, coz we’ve just groomed him recently.

Oreo is a naughty little fluff ball … his peculiar ways of staring right into the camera for photos will make you go awwww !

OreoTheZu gives out his life stories here :


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