Collection: The Puppy Store

Everything puppy essential ! This is a curated list of essentials you need while bringing a puppy home :)  You'll find some great gifting options here if you have a new puppy or friend or family just got home one.

If you're a first time pet parent, here's a quick list of essential items you'll need to welcome your four legged baby at home.

  1. Pee Pads for potty training
  2. Set of 2 bowls, for water and food
  3. Food Mat - puppies can be messy eaters ;-)
  4. Wipes to clean off the food mess 
  5. A comfortable and cozy bed for the comfort of personal space
  6. A soft, breathable blanket, to feel safe and secure. Also, pups can catch a chill with the AC even in summers.
  7. A soft cotton, breathable T shirt, to safeguard against cold temperature.
  8. Teething toys - oh boy! No puppy ever had enough toys :)
  9. Dry shampoo for a quick clean up. (Puppies shouldn't be bathed till the initial vaccination is over)
  10. Odour Spray for hard and soft floors. Helps to eliminate urine odour. Your puppy will pee everywhere, patience and training will help :)
  11. Soft, preservative free healthy treats. Will help you immensely as a reward in training your puppy.