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Collection: Training Collars & Leashes

Good training is essential for creating an enjoyable dog walking experience.

We have a range of martingale dog collars that provide optimum control, whilst staying soft on your dog's neck.

Our Martingale dog collars are handmade with soft padding, and come with a loose fitting, these collars take shape of the neck if the dog pulls, eventually training them to walk alongside, and not pull.

So who needs a short leash?

- If your dog pulls during walks.

- If you're constantly hounded by non-pet people at gardens or public places for your dog getting too close to them.

- If you have a sniffing expert who runs towards the first human or dog he spots outside.

- Service dogs

- Short leashes are also beneficial when you walk your dog in an urban environment, where there is always a lot of car traffic and the sidewalks are crowded.

Our training leashes are short in length, super strong and come with padded handles for the human. These leashes are 40 inches in length, and ideal for dogs that need to be walked close to the pet parent.