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Gigwi G.Foamer Solid Dumbell

Gigwi G.Foamer Solid Dumbell

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Barkbutler's Chew Series presents, Chu The Bone - A 100% natural rubber, non-toxic tested & premium quality bone.

It is super durable and can hold Jerkies, peanut butter & some biscuits. Designed for strong chewers and it's diamond-cut pattern aids teeth cleaning. 

Solid rubber is one of the toughest toys in the series, which is designed especially for the most active and aggressively playing dogs that like to chew and bite.

It's extremely durable and puncture-resistant can withstand the strength of strong jaws and will not pop or deflate. Made to last, fun to play.

    • Floats in water.
    • GiGwi dumbbell available with free goofy tails key chain
    • Perfect for indoor and outdoor play
    • Made out of solid rubber
    • Size : 21.59 cm

Country of Origin: Hong Kong. 

Vendor: Pet Like That

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