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M-Pets Chewbo Bacon Scented Bone Medium

M-Pets Chewbo Bacon Scented Bone Medium

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Chewbo bone is clean dental bacon. The Chewbo is especially manufactured to maintain healthy teeth.

This product stimulates your dog to chew so your dog maintains his chew muscles. Promotes strong jaws, clean teeth, and general oral health.

This safe and long-lasting chew has a durable nylon shell combined with a tasty flavor. Not only does this toy satisfy the natural desire to chew, it also gently massages your dog's gums while helping to minimize plaque and tartar.

    • Size : 14*14*3 cms
    • Cleans Gums & Teeth
    • Multi-textured to provide dental stimulation and chewing satisfaction
    • Promoted strong jaws
    • Removes Tartar
    • Long Lasting, made with double nylon
    • Bacon flavored
    • Country of Origin: Belgium 
    • Vendor: M-Pets
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