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M-Pets Poo Natural Vegetable Based Waste Bags

M-Pets Poo Natural Vegetable Based Waste Bags

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M-PETS Dog Waste Bags are designed to make cleaning up after your dog easy and mess free. They are leak proof and easy to open when needed. Scent helps you from bad odour.

Each roll contains 15 bags each.

  • 60 Bags 22 x 32 cm
  • Leak proof waste bags
  • Bio-Cornstarch Blend
  • Lavender Scented (fresh scented coating that helps to mask any bad smells)
  • Eco Friendly & Plant Based

Waste bag dispenser is a must for every dog parent. We must clean up after our pets every time they're out for walks. Check our M-Pets waste bag dispensers too!

Country of Origin: Belgium

Vendor: M-Pets

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