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Pet Travel Water Bottle with Bowl

Pet Travel Water Bottle with Bowl

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This amazing water bottle is a must have for pet parents that love taking their fur kids for a car ride !

Made of non-toxic plastic this is completely safe for your pet, simply tilt the bottle up to use as dispenser for that drink on the go !

Simply give the bottle a squeeze to fill the attached bowl on top, give your pup a drink of fresh, cool water, and any leftover water drains back into the bottle to be enjoyed later. The convenient carrying strap slips comfortably over your wrist or attaches to your pack for hands-free exploring.

  • Keep your dog  healthy and hydrated with fresh, clean water on the go.
  • Squeeze the 20-ounce bottle to fill the attached bowl with water; when he’s done drinking, relax your grip and the remaining water returns to the bottle.
  • Removable velcro fastener strap makes a convenient hand strap or attaches the bottle to a pack.
  • Available in 3 attractive colors

Country of Origin: China

Vendor: Puppy Love India

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