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PM X IDAM : Sand Spot Travel Dog Mat

PM X IDAM : Sand Spot Travel Dog Mat

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PoochMate X Idam Sand Spot Travel Mat is made with 100% cotton jersey fabric. The mats come in 2 sizes to suite most dogs.

A detachable string and buttons enable you to fold and carry the mat during travel, unclip the straps when using the mat at home  or during hotel stays to keep them safe.

Our travel mats are quilted for extra cushiony support, and come with handles for you to safely carry them just about anywhere! So next time you're hopping over to a cafe or a park with your darling doggo, don't forget to carry his Travel Mat by PoochMate.

There's nothing like a comforting, clean place of his own to sit on while outdoors! 

Please choose a size that best fits your dog's comfort. 

Available in 2 sizes. Please choose the size that will be most comfortable for your furry.

Our mats are made in 3 sizes designed to suit most breed types and ensure they get a full coverage to sleep on.

Medium size : 35 inches X 25 inches. Suitable for Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Beagles, Bichons and alike.

Large size : 48 inches X 30 inches. Suitable for Golden Retrievers, GSD, Labradors and alike.

Where to use: Travel mats are multi-purpose use, that can be used anywhere your dog likes to laze around - on the sofa, your bed, floor, crate or while travelling in the car.

Material : 100% cotton jersey, screen printed. Recycled Polyfiber filling.

Wash Care : Machine wash in cold water.

Usage : Travel, lounging & sleeping.

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