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PoochMate Red Chirpy Cotton Dog Harness

PoochMate Red Chirpy Cotton Dog Harness

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PoochMate Red Chirpy Dog Harness comes with 100% cotton top & lining and soft padding for comfort.

Our luxury dog harnesses are handmade with cotton fabric finished with cotton webbing & strong hardware. Softy padded for comfort, these harnesses give optimum control to the walker while keeping the dog totally comfortable.

Size Small : Neck 14-16 inches (35.5-40.6 cm), Tummy 17-24 inches(43.6-61 cm). Ideal for small dogs like Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Dashchunds and alike. Leash length 55 inches (139.7 cm).

Medium Size : Neck 17-19 inches(43.2-48 cms), Tummy 22-31 inches(56-78.8 cms). Ideal for medium dogs like Lean Indies, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Spitz and alike. Leash length 55 inches (139.7 cms).

Large Size - Fits breeds like Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherds, Rottweiler etc. Neck Size 20-22 inches(51-56 cms) Tummy adjustable between inches 24-37 inches(61-94 cms). Leash Length 55 inch (139.7 cms)


  • Material : Cotton Top & Lining. Soft padding on chest.
  • 100% cotton webbing. Padded lead handle.
  • Strong gold Nickle free hardware.
  • Adjustable neck and tummy, with snap on buckles.
  • Wash Care : Hand-wash. Do Not use brush.
  • Usage : Walking Gear
  • *Does not include leash. Can be bought separately.

    How to wear : Unbuckle the clip at the neck & secure it on your dog's neck. Adjust the straps using the metal adjusters to your dog's size. Repeat the same for the tummy. The X-shape padded side of the harness comes below the chest. Latch on the leash on the D-ring.

    Material : Cotton Top & Lining. 100% cotton webbing. 

    Wash Care : Hand-wash. Do Not use brush.

    Usage : Walking Gear

    Made in India by PoochMate

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