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PoochMate Travel Bed for Medium Dogs : Blue

PoochMate Travel Bed for Medium Dogs : Blue

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PoochMate Travel Dog Bed is made with breathable cotton fabric with a fully removable & washable cover.

Designed for comfort while travelling, the Dog Travel bed comes with removable and washable cover, plush cushions for comfort and safety, short handles for easy transit and an adjustable belt at the back to latch the seat to the car seats.

The front and rear pillows are bigger in size, designed to act as airbags to cushion your dog at sudden brakes. The travel bed can also be used as a dog bed between journeys. 

Medium : 35 inch x 22 inch seat (88.9 x 55.88 cms)- Ideal for medium to large dogs upto 27 kgs weight. Fits 1.25 of the back seat for any hatchback, sedan or SUV. Ideal for medium dogs like Beagles, Cocker Spaniel, Indies and alike.

New Launch : Disclaimer - Owing to excessive heat in Delhi, we have not been able to shoot outdoors to avoid heat strokes for our dogs. Please bear with us till we're able to shoot outdoors with dogs :) The images have been shot on a medium size, all specs for travel beds remain same as earlier. Please whatsapp us at +91 9650197999 if you have any questions.

The slightly elevated plush seat helps your dog to have a window view without having to jump risking while the car is driving.

  • Made with breathable cotton fabric
  • Removable and washable cover 
  • Side pocket to store toys and treats.
  • Adjustable and removable belt. Can be clipped on D-rings on both sides for extra security.( clip one end and take it from behind the car seat to clip to the other end)  
  • Doubles up as bed during hotel stays.
  • Comes with attached harness belt
  • Option to buy standard travel bed or with side zips for opening
  • Small Travel bed fits hatchbacks, sedans & SUVs both in front and rear seats.
  • ** Standard travel bed does not come with side zip opening. Please select holiday travel bed option for convertible bed.


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