Its become a rather regular incident of us watching painful stories on social media regarding dogs that have been shaved on request of pet parents, or recommendation by "vets" and "groomers".

We at PoochMate turn down umpteen number of requests to shave down double coat dogs to "keep them cool in summers" almost on a daily basis.

So why would one want to shave dogs? Is it right? Is it wrong? Does it actually do any harm?

We're trying to reach out to pet parents through this blog to help them understand what happens when you shave down your dog.

The general public seems to have a pretty low opinion of Dog Groomers.

There is no regulation in our country for the pet industry yet, but there are some trained and professional groomers in the field too.

A good groomer will have the dog's interest at heart at ALL times.

So when you call your groomer to book your dog for shaving and your request is turned down, remember the groomer has SAID NO TO MORE MONEY and there has to be some valid reason behind it !

  • You should not shave down a dog for the following reasons:
  • They DO NOT need to be shaved down in summer
  • It DOES NOT help in controlling shedding
  • It DOES NOT keep them cool in summer
  • It EXPOSES them to harmful sun rays, often leading to heat strokes
  • Some breeds are KNOWN TO GET INTO DEPRESSION with having shaved down to the skin
  • The topcoat of dogs protects them against sun burns and dirt from settling on to the skin.
  • Some breeds like Huskies have a thick, coarse top coat that keeps them cool in summer, and warm in winters.
  • Some breeds like German Shepherds if shaved close, may get back patchy and uneven growth.

The next question we are asked many times is how should we control the above issues then?

It's very simple. None of the reasons mentioned above are compelling enough to get your dog shaved and NONE of the issues mentioned above will get resolved by shaving.

  • Shedding is seasonal. Invest in a good de-shedding brush and use it once every two days during the shedding season.
  • Introduce coconut oil in your dog's meal. A teaspoon in the morning and evening will do wonders for your dog's coat and overall wellbeing.
  • If you find excessive shedding in your dogs, something which doesn't seem normal, consult a vet and get tests done for dermatitis.
  • Keep your pet cool in summers by ensuring the walks are done in the early morning and late evening hours when the sun is not bright!
  • Make cool treats for your pet at home, there are plenty of recipes available on the internet.
  • Chilled watermelon without seeds and beaten yogurt are great to keep your pets cool in summer.
  • If you need to take your dog out for walks during the peak hot hours, use waterproof socks or shoes. They do wonders to protect their delicate paw pads from the heat.
  • Keep their bowls full of fresh water at all times.

Lastly, steer clear of "vets" and "groomers" that suggest you to shave down your dogs for any of the above reasons.

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Raj singh

i have a rate bakharwal dog i adopted when he was a stray . summers are almost here. but after reading this article i am enlightened about the misconception we have. thanks a ton!!! maybe i need to pay a visit to the boutique and volunteer

raj singh

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