India is finally waking up to being pet friendly. A lot of families are opening their homes to pets and truly getting on the journey to becoming pet parents. But are the products you need to give your dog a comfortable life kind on them and on the planet?

Our journey to sustainability started a few years ago, when we realized that pet products in the market were either made of nylon or polyester, not only giving dogs skin rashes and itching, but also adding to carbon footprint for the planet.

Sustainability is not an overnight phenomenon. Being a small boot-strapped brand, we are taking one step at a time to become fully sustainable. Currently, we use 100% natural cotton fabrics for most of our products. We are focusing on a zero-waste philosophy, and hence all our waste fabrics are turned into beautiful products that are functional and comfortable for dogs.

At PoochMate, our sole aim is to help our furry customers choose a sustainable lifestyle just like their parents !

Our products are made to last many years, consciously focusing on slow fashion for pets! Durable stitching techniques, natural fabrics and easy to wash items make them last longer, thereby reducing waste.

Our fabrics scraps are repurposed into tiny collections, we also use some for stuffing or custom made orders.

Products :

We are currently using 100% natural cotton fabrics. Cotton is biodegradable, breathable and safe for the skin and the planet. Our bedding, hand made toys, and walk collection is made of 100% cotton fabrics.

Since we work with dogs, some products need a little bit of strength, and use of plastic snap on buckles is unavoidable. We have used metal buckles in the past but these haven't worked for dogs that pull a lot or big dogs. We are constantly working on finding an alternate for plastic buckles, which is the only plastic item being used at PoochMate.


Our packaging includes courier bags that are 100% biodegradable.

All PoochMate products are wrapped in recycled sheets.

Heavy items like beds, mats and multiple items are packed in recycled cartons. Due to the weight of these packages, we have to use plastic tape for strength and constantly working with our vendors to find an alternate.

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