Collection: Dog Blankets

PoochMate Dog blankets are made in 100% cotton with light polyfill filling for quilting.

The soft cotton texture and quilted filling make these blankets super comfortable, skin friendly and super snug for your dog. Since we use only cotton for our dog beds, blankets & mats, these are comfortable to use throughout the year.

Dog Blankets are great for senior dogs even during summer months to protect against AC chill. Our stuffing is fluffy enough for the blankets to be used as travel mats!

PoochMate blankets come with soft piping on the edges, and quilted stitching to them them durable over use. Easy to maintain with hand & machine wash at home.

Easy to Maintain

Our cotton quilted dog blankets can be easily washed in the machine on cold setting.

Great for Senior Dogs and puppies

Senior dogs and puppies feel the cold more than middle aged ones. Adding a blanket to their beds can provide an extra layer of comfort during cold winter months specially up North. 

If you find your dog cozying up on a pile of fresh laundry or your sofa etc, they'll love curling up in their own blankets.