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About Us

Inspired by our own's dogs' needs, PoochMate was started in 2014 to make small batch pet products that focus on design, ease of use and comfort of dogs. We started with our highest selling category - washable cotton dog beds with removable covers. Our product range includes adjustable cotton dog harnesses, soft mul & cotton dog blankets, dog mats & more.

We give so much importance to our own home decor and we firmly believe your dog's bed is a part of that beautiful space. Our dog beds are thoughtfully designed to complement your home wherever you put them, without compromising your dog's comfort.

Dog Beds

Our dog beds and mats are stylish, chic and complement your home.... 

Washable, Cotton Dog Beds with removable covers

  • 100% Cotton dog beds
  • Fully washable covers with zips
  • Option to buy extra bed covers
  • Durable stitching, long lasting
  • Large sizes to help dogs sleep better
  • Machine Washable

Dog Blankets

100% Cotton & mul fabrics, machine washable dog blankets.

Dog Jackets

Quilted dog jackets for winter. Machine washable, easy to adjust with velcro

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  • personalized dog pillows with name online India

    Personalized Pillows

    Nothing compares to gifting personalized items on your little one's special day. Shop customized dog beds, pillows & more.

    Customize Now 
  • Cotton Harness Sets

    Dog Harnesses take the pressure away from the dog's neck and distribute it across the body to avoid straining any one body part.

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  • Cotton Mats

    Our dog mats are incredibly convenient & practical. Use them practically anywhere you like - as crate, car, bed or sofa.

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About the founder

Preeti has a background in Finance & Design. She is a doting mom to her three boys : Bosco, Bruno & Beethoven.

Her design aesthetic is minimalist and that shows in our products. We use breathable cotton and durable stitching techniques to help you choose the right products for your dog that last long and leave a lower negative impact on our planet.

Our philosophy is buy-well-buy-once, so we make sure our products are easy to wash at home, durable & long lasting. We also want your dog's essentials to look as good in your home as your own stuff does.

We want to make it easy for pet parents to make conscious lifestyle choices for their pets and ensure we know our end customers, the real users well. 90% of our sales happen direct to customers, barring a few niche retailers that we choose to partner with from time to time.

Thank you for choosing us to be your pet parenting partners.

Happy Shopping!

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