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PoochMate Dog Conditioning Spray

PoochMate Dog Conditioning Spray

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Did you know brushing a dry coat causes hair breakage and promotes conditions like dandruff, itching and flaking.

PoochMate Dog Conditioning Spray is a 100% natural, formulated solution to condition the coat, promote healthy skin and aid in de-tangling.

With years of grooming experience, this was one of the most common issues we found with dogs. This formulation aids in soothing dry, irritated skin and adding luster to brittle coats. The active macadamia oil aids in conditioning and making the coat soft and lustrous.

To Use:

  • Shake well and spray directly on the coat avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Recommended areas - Through out the body where brushing is required.
  • Use before brushing your dog. Safe to use daily.
Benefits : 
  • Avoid friction caused by dry brushing.
  • Helps in conditioning the coat, avoiding dryness.
  • Soothes dry, irritated skin and promotes a healthy, shiny coat.

Country of Origin: India

Made in India by PoochMate

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aloe, Macadamia, Honey.

Weight : 100 ML. Comes in sustainable glass bottle.

Our grooming range comes in earth friendly glass bottles. Please reuse this bottle to carry lotion or oils while travelling.

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