Co-Exist with pets in Harmony with others

Co-Exist with pets in Harmony with others

A lot of us today live in condos or multiple home societies with our beloved pets. What does it take to live in a multi-apartment set-up with non-pet people & our own pets?

Here are simple tips that can make living in a condo or multi-apartment society comfortable for both pets & non-pet people.

  1. While waiting for a lift, keep your dog on a short leash and slightly away from the lift to avoid any confrontation with other dogs coming in the lift or humans scared of dogs. 
  2. Always carry a poop scooper or poop bags & clean up after your dog. We always carry additional bags as a backup 
  3. If your dog is excited or unsure of meeting other dogs, try to walk your dog on a short leash
  4. When another dog is approaching or crossing paths with you, stand across your dog keeping his body firm (don’t squeeze them) between your legs.
  5. If you are waiting for a lift and there are people inside, take the next one to avoid any uncomfortable situationApartment rules with dogs
  6. Exercise your dog at home before walks. This can help in controlling unnecessary excitement during walks.

A little precaution & care can go a long way in creating harmony between pets and people in an urban condo. Walk is the most important time in a dog's daily routine and this is also a bonding time with his humans. Let's make these walks enjoyable for both pets and non-pet people.

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