How Do I Choose the Right Bed for My Dog

How Do I Choose the Right Bed for My Dog

We’re sure endless cuddles with your fur baby are always on your To-Do list. Their food, their comfort and everything about them always takes priority, but how about their sleep? Ever wondered how your dog sleeps at night? Just like humans, pets also need a comforting place to rest after a tiresome day. Their bed is more than simply a sleeping spot for them.

In order to choose the proper one for your dog's needs, you'll need to conduct some research and determine what those necessities are. Before buying your PAWTNER his new comfy location, think about the size, materials, cleanliness, and your dog's age.

PoochMate is a Pet Lifestyle Brand specializing in ethically handcrafted products, made with 100% cotton and naturally insulating linen. We have a wide range of products ranging from dog beds, dog collars, and dog bowls to dog clothes.

Dogs spend 12-16 hours sleeping, and hence choosing the right bed for your dog is extremely important. A comfortable, durable and good quality bed is an investment that will keep your dog cozy day and night.

A dog bed is not a winter accessory. Dog Beds help your dog in sleeping comfortably, and keep the joints and elbows safe which otherwise get affected by sleeping on hard floor. 

Here is a quick guidance to help you to choose the right bed for your dog:


When purchasing a pet bed, the size of your dog is the most important. You'll have to weigh and measure your pet from head to toe. Dogs who sleep stretched out will need a longer, square-shaped bed, but dogs who sleep curled up would appreciate a soft, round bed.

For small-sized dogs like Shih Tzus, the ideal length of the bed should be 25 inches to give them ample space to stretch and curl up as they want. For medium-sized dogs like Cocker Spaniels and Beagles, the minimum length of the bed should be 30 inches to give them ample space to stretch and curl up as they want. For large dogs like Labradors and retrievers the ideal size of beds should be 40 inches + for them to get a good space to stretch around.

Bolster Beds work for most dogs. Our bolster beds are perfectly shaped squares with elevated sides to allow your dog to lie down just the way he/she likes. The soft, raised bolsters work like pillows as some dogs like to sleep with their heads slightly elevated.

Small dogs and cats love to curl up for a snooze and our unique shaped Eskimo beds are perfect! Aesthetically designed & nicely stuffed to give your dog a safe haven to snooze in! These beds have also worked well for dogs with fear of sound or anxiety issues.

Senior dogs and large dogs require joint issues and some young dogs also develop early joint problems which is sometimes genetic. Orthopedic and memory foam beds help to ease the discomfort while lying down and getting up.

These low height memory form beds come with bolsters on three sides to give support while laying down,  and enable dogs to walk in and out of the bed without any discomfort. You can check our memory foam beds here.

Avoid buying a size smaller, thinking your dog will curl up, as there are chances of the dog not using the bed at all.

Material Quality

Always opt for breathable materials that provide your dog with the same comfort level as your bed or sofa when purchasing a dog bed. Look for terms like Poly Canvas, Canvas, Cotton Velvet, and other similar terms.

These textiles are less breathable than cotton and feature a polyester mix. Polyester fabric is not breathable and eventually causes the bed to “heat up” making your dog uncomfortable to use it for long. Because of their robustness, these materials are commonly used in dog beds, although they are not comfortable to rest on.

Cotton materials, like your own bedsheets, give a 100%  breathable place for your dogs to rest and provide a pleasant sleep.

Maintenance and Pet’s Need

Choose a bed that is easy to maintain. Dry-cleaning your dog’s bed may not always be feasible, and just like our bedsheets, their beds should be washed every 3-4 days especially because they walk without shoes outside.

Beds with removable and washable covers offer easy maintenance at home, with options to keep multiple covers so your dog is never out of a bed when the sheet goes for a wash. Choose a memory foam bed if you have a dog with joint issues or a senior dog. Memory foam and orthopedic foams provide optimum support to the legs and the dog’s spine making it easy for your dog to sit down and get up from their bed.

At PoochMate, we believe in conscious living. When we designed these beds many years ago, the idea was to have beds that last for years so you don’t have to replace them too often, but also be able to change the look without having to get a new bed. With PoochMate, just order one bed and keep changing the covers!⁠ Not only is all our bedding made of 100% cotton, it is also fully machine washable, making it easy for pet parents to maintain these beds at home & save on dry-cleaning costs.

PoochMate was founded in 2014 with our single mission to reach out to more pet parents and make available professional services and durable, chic and comfortable products that truly benefit dogs.

We use cotton, aesthetically designed prints, to enable you to truly make your dog feel like family! Our products are design driven, stylish, durable and easy to maintain. All our products are made in-house in our own manufacturing set up that helps us maintain our quality standards.⁠

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