Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Care

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We all remember the excitement of getting a new puppy home. As time passes, the walks get slower, the welcomes become less exciting, the ball may not be fetched anymore BUT the love will be 10x higher!

Dogs are truly our whole life. Its not wrong to say my heart aches when I see them struggling to get up at times, or not being able to jump to welcome me back home, but it also gives me immense satisfaction that they’re healthy & can walk well.

 Two of my dogs now 12 and 10 years old are a proof in my belief, what you feed and provide goes a long way into ensuring they have a pain-free & comfortable senior hood.


There are a few lifestyle changes we did when Bosco and Bruno turned 8+ and I recommend that for all pet parents.

- Invest in a good memory foam bed. As dogs begin to age, their joints become less mobile and they need support while sleeping and getting off the bed. Memory foam provides an optimum support to ageing dogs and young dogs with joint issues.

- Add golden paste to the diet. It has anti-inflammatory properties to ease out joint pains. Speak to your vet for a suitable dose of joint supplements. You can make this at home with organic turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper, ginger & cinnamon. Golden paste is a miracle for joint mobility and has anti-cancerous properties too.

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- Get a raised diner. Big dogs like Bosco may still eat with the same speed irrespective of the age, and raised diners avoid choking while bending and also offer support to the spine. Raised diners provide the right amount of support to the spine and aids in better digestion.

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- Your senior dog will feel the weather more. Always keep a soft cotton blanket in their bed and leave it to them to cuddle in when they feel the chill.

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- Breathable cotton clothing during summer nights as the AC chill will catch them more than you expect!         

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- Switch to a harness from a collar. Harnesses take the pressure away from the dog's neck and distribute it across the body to avoid straining any one body part.

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- Regular grooming is the MOST important routine for senior dogs. I can’t emphasize it enough! Give your dog a good body massage with a natural oil and finish with a bath.

Helps you keep your senior dog free of ticks, flea and most importantly gives you insights of any new developing warts, lumps or skin issues that need attention.

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