How can I take care of my dog in this scorching heat?

How can I take care of my dog in this scorching heat?

Pets, especially dogs, are unable to cope with extreme temperatures in summer months and this may cause heat strokes or excessive panting.  Although frequent exercise and walks are essential for pets' overall well-being, it is tough for dogs to spend a day in such oppressive heat.

 With suitable products, at Poochmate we aim to provide dogs better care and help pet parents by being a source of all the essentials. Here are a few ways to make sure your pet is taken proper care of during summer:

 Keeping hydrated

Always make sure there's ample drinking water available for your dogs. You can add a few ice cubes to keep the water cool. Mint leaves are also a great option for adding to the drinking bowl. Summer brings scorching temperatures and dehydration. Dogs, like humans, must drink a lot of water to be hydrated. Carry a travel water bottle for your pet or a bowl if you are outdoor for long to avoid dehydration.

Limited Temporal Exposure

The best way to keep your pet comfortable is to limit time outside in the heat especially during the peak hours between 12-4 pm. Try keeping your dogs in a cool room by keeping the AC on during the afternoon. If you cannot keep the AC on the whole day, keep fans on, draw dark curtains and try switching off most lights. Keep an eye out for signs of heatstroke so that you can immediately take your dog to the vet. These signs may include excessive panting, breathlessness, vomiting, and loss of appetite.


For long-coated dogs, try to get the hair on the stomach as short as possible (don't shave completely) so they feel cooler when lying down on the floor. It is not advisable to shave your dog's hair. Dog hair acts as an all-weather insulator. The coat protects them during winter and acts as a barrier between direct sun rays and dust during the hot summer months.

 Shaving the coat will expose your dog's skin directly to harmful sun rays, dust and other infections. Shaving may also cause severe skin issues like boils which can be painful for your dog. To maintain them during the summer months, you can get the coat trimmed to an inch and a half of length. You can get a shave down around the belly area, hygiene area, and underarms to keep them cool and also be able to check for ticks as these areas are most infested with ticks. Read our blog on the ill-effects of shaving dogs during summer.

 Cool and Healthy Food

You can switch to cooler meats like fish, turkey, duck, pork, etc. Reduce the intake of chicken and switch to cooler protein sources.

You can add other cooling foods to their diet during summer for e.g. cucumber, yogurt and mint.

Here is a quick dog ice cream recipe : Use yoghurt as a base, then add some chicken broth, grated carrot and apple, and a spoon of peanut butter (without salt, for dogs) – mix well and freeze in moulds to serve as ice cream.

Cooling fruits can be given once a day in small quantities: seedless watermelon, apple, cucumber, and mango with yoghurt.

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