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PoochMate Beige & Canary Pawfect Family Nest Dog Bed

PoochMate Beige & Canary Pawfect Family Nest Dog Bed

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For people and doggos obsessed with elegance, the Canary Beige Pawfect Family Nest Dog Bed is the ideal choice.

We have recreated a cute memory from our own playing time with Bruno into this beautiful embroidery adorning the front bolster. Just look at the details!

The bed is made with tough heavy weight cotton on the bolsters and a softer cotton seat to keep it comfortable. The contrast of beige & canary yellow complements your home too :)

Have you wondered why your dog prefers to lounge on your sofa or your bed? Its because they're made with breathable fabrics. Cotton is breathable and enables a sound sleep for humans and dogs.

The bed comes with four zips for all bolsters and a center zip to remove the seat cushion. The cover comes off for easy machine washing, saving you on dry-cleaning costs and avoiding chemicals used in dry-cleaning that may cause itching.

An all season natural insulator, we've used 100% cotton to ensure the bed is comfortable for your dog, both in summer and winter. The asymmetrical patches add to the beauty of this stunning dog bed.

Perfectly square- shaped, so your dog can lie around just the way he/she likes :) 

Additional bed covers are available so your doggie is never out of a bed when the sheet goes for a wash. Check covers here.

Available in 3 sizes :

Small : 25x25x9 inches | 64x64x23 cm. Ideal for Small breeds like Shih Tzu, Dachshunds and alike.

Medium : 32x32x13 inches | 81x81x33 cm inches. Ideal for Medium breeds like Indies, Dalmatians, Cocker Spaniels and alike.

Large : 40x40x13 inches | 102x102x33 cm. Ideal for large dogs like Golden retrievers, Labradors & alike.


  • Fully removable outer cover in 100% cotton
  • Spacious sizes to suit all sleeping postures
  • Raised sides for a cozy and comfortable sleep.
  • Bolsters act as a neck rest
  • Breathable muslin cushions to keep the bed comfortable through the year.
  • Hypoallergenic polyfill that doesn't heat up in summer
  • Minimalist designs to complement your home interiors.
  • To add your dog's name choose "personalize" and add your dog's name at checkout.

Made in India by PoochMate

Washing Instructions:

Simply unzip the bed and wash in cold water/machine wash.

Fabric : 100% cotton fabric, Muslin cushions. Recycled Polyfiber filling

All our beds come with fully removable and washable covers. Additional bed covers can be bought here.

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