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PoochMate Blue Flamingos Dog Mat

PoochMate Blue Flamingos Dog Mat

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Introducing our exquisite Flamingos Blue Dog Mat with beautifully embroidered Flamingos—a perfect blend of design, comfort, and functionality for your little one.

The elegant shade of blue creates a soothing backdrop, while the meticulously crafted flamingos add a touch of whimsy and charm for your dog's snoozing space.

Crafted from high-quality cotton, our dog mats offer a soft and luxurious feel for your dog. The natural breathability of cotton ensures a comfortable and cozy experience, with hypoallergenic filling ensures that the mat remains comfortable for use through the year including hot months.

Our mats are incredibly convenient and practical and can be used anywhere your dog likes - as a dog crate mat, cushion in large dogs' beds or as a pet mat on the floor, sofa etc.

Available in 2 sizes. Please choose the size that will be most comfortable for your furry.

Our mats sizes are designed to suit most breed types and ensure they get a full coverage to sleep on.

Medium size : 35 inches X 25 inches (89 cm X 64 cm). Suitable for Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Beagles, Bichons and alike.

Large size : 48 inches X 30 inches (122 cm X 76 cm). Suitable for Golden Retriever, GSD, Labrador and alike.

  • Fabric: Cotton. Lining: Cotton. Hypoallergenic Poly Fiber filling.
  • Hand/machine washable 
  • Can be used on your bed/sofa or rug 
  • Great as a travel bed
  • Comes in handy as a crate mat too
  • Option to buy removable travel strap. Removable with clip on buckles

Product Care :

Hand wash in cold water. Dry in shade. 

Where to use: Our mats are multi-purpose use, that can be used anywhere your dog likes to laze around - on the sofa, your bed, floor, crate or while travelling in the car.

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