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PoochMate Hand Printed Monogram Notebook

PoochMate Hand Printed Monogram Notebook

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Pet Lovers Notebooks by PoochMate.

Handmade by our founder, these lovely, simple chic notebooks can be easily put into your bag.

A constant reminder to us to stay faithful to the stories in our head! 

These handy notebooks are ideal for jotting important things to do, keeping a note of your darling pet's vaccinations & grooming appointments & just about anything you'd like to write down.

A part of our latest collection of hand-made items for all you special pet lovers :)

  • 80 pages of Natural Shade maplitho (80gsm) paper with high quality perfect binding.
  • Size : A5
  • Hand painted Monogram PoochMate Logo by our founder.
  • Digital Printed

Made in India by PoochMate

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