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PoochMate Herringbone Cotton Webbing Collar

PoochMate Herringbone Cotton Webbing Collar

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We know a lot of dogs are allergic to leather & nylon collars, and yet we constantly need light weight collars for our dogs to wear through the day.

Herringbone collars are made with a cotton herringbone patch on a soft 100% cotton webbing and gold metal hardware.


Sizes :

Small Collar : Length-9-14 inches(22.9-35.5 cms), Width 0.5 inches(1.27 cms). 

Medium Collar : Length 14-22 inches (35.5-56 cms), Width 1 inch(2.5 cms). 

Large Collar : Length 22-26 inches(55.8-66 cms), Width 1.25 inch (3.2 cms).

How to wear : Simply adjust the neck using the adjuster and buckle up around the neck using the quick snap on buckle.

Material : 100% cotton

Wash Care : Hand-wash with mild soap in a cloth bag to safeguard hardware, flat dry. Do not use a brush.

Usage : Walking Gear.

Country of Origin: India

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